So this is a late one, its been a crazy week, but if you’ve finished your Thanksgiving feast, and fancy a little craft time with your kiddos here are some hats from back in the day. Enjoy!

Materials Needed:

Paper – Get colorful!


Stapler – I ran out of staples half way through, so glue works if you don’t have a stapler 


Pencil / Markers

Ribbon – for the girls pilgrim bonnet

Hole Punch – for the girls pilgrim bonnet


Make It – Paper Indian Headpiece:

1. Choose some different colored pieces of paper for your feathers

2. Fold the paper anywhere from 1-2 inches, depending how thick you want your feathers to be, longways down the paper

3. Draw some half feather shapes (half tear drop / oval) on the folded paper, remember to leave a little stem at the bottom to fasten to the headband

4. Cut out the feathers, then make little cuts around the edge (while folded)

5. Unfold the paper and ruffle the edges of the feathers

6. Cut Again two strips of brown paper to make the headband, about 2″ thick

7. Color the brown headband

8. Staple the headband – measure around your child’s head, remove from head, then staple. Once the headband is together arrange and staple the feathers on.

Here’s a picture guid to help:


Indianhat5 Indianhat3 Indianhat1

Make It – Pilgrim Hat – Boy:

1. Choose your paper – Black, Brown and Yellow

2. Cut Out

  • The main hat shape from your black paper
  • A square, from your yellow paper, then cut a hole in the square to make the belt buckle
  • A 2″ strip out of your brown paper, place this over the black hat shape and cut off any paper hanging off the black hat

5. Glue the brown belt on the hat, then glue the yellow buckle on top

6. Cut two strips of brown paper to make the headband, about 2″ thick

7. Staple the brown paper headband – measure around your child’s head, remove from head, then staple. 

8. Glue the pilgrim hat onto the brown paper headband 

Here’s a picture guid to help:




PARENT TIP: If your hat seems to fall over just tape in a couple straws to the back like so, if you have it thicker black card stock would work best!:


Make It – Pilgrim Bonnet – Girl:

1. Choose your paper – White

2. Fold your paper straight across the page, about 2″ down from the top

5. Draw two vertical lines at the bottom of the page: divide the paper into thirds, then draw a vertical line roughly 3.5″ up from the bottom of the page

6. Cut the two lines you just drew

7. Turn your paper so that the folded part is closest to you, and at the bottom of the page

8. Fold the 2 top corners inwards to create the back of the bonnet, secure with glue or staples 

9. Fold down the back flap of the bonnet

Here’s a picture guid to help:

pilgramcraft1   pilgramcraft2

Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Hats

  1. I love the way they are having their own pretend Thanksgiving feast. What a fun project.

    • Thanks Peter! We have picnics all the time, we’re very thankful for our play food (as well as real food!)

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